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Decision Made!

For the final part of our research we re-visited the annual Caravan and Motorhome Show in Birmingham this week and, as a result, have finally settled on the make and model of the motorhome that most suits our needs and our pocket!

As we said in the article Try Before You Buy research is everything and so it proved again at the show.  It's the little things that you need to be alert to. For example:

  • We found some motorhomes that did not have a passenger airbag fitted as standard.  I know you don't always fit one in cars but that is for carrying infants, which I wouldn't imagine happens very much in motorhomes!
  • A number of motorhomes don't have an electric hob, only gas rings.  If you get one without an electric hob you are missing out on the hook-up electric you have already paid for!
  • Then there is the seat belt thing!

After all our deliberations, we have decided on an Elddis Encore 255. 

Measured against our Must, Need, Nice check list this fits the bill better than anything else we have seen in our price bracket, c £50000 new.

Now it is just a question of waiting until early next year to strike a deal with our local dealer!  

I will keep you posted on how we get on.


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