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Our first outing!

After a week of rain delay's we finally rolled into Waterclose Meadows at Houghton Mill in glorious sunshine and temperatures around 26C.

Waterclose Meadows is a delightful site set amongst beautiful cherry blossom trees on the banks of the River Ouse, complete with a working watermill.  Although not far from our home, around an hour's drive, it was a perfect place to try out our new motorhome.  The camp site has good toilet facilities but nothing else by way of services, except you do have the Mill Cafe that is open 9 - 5. 

Security at the campsite, however, is poor and is exposed to unauthorised people wandering around as a number of public footpaths run beside it. As a National Trust property it is understandable that public access is a criteria but with so much expensive equipment on site security should ensure only those sing the site have access to it. In the three days we were there cars (nothing to do with the site) were driving around in the middle of the night which is not suprising since there are no barriers at the entrance!

That said, the location is stunning and is a dog walkers paradise!  Our new addition, Bluebelle, loved every minute of it!

When spent three nights here and, some schoolboy errors aside, the trip went very well with us figuring out how to get all the systems running correctly - eventually.

All in all we are very happy with our new purchase! Next we are off to the seaside! 

PS. The National Trust are looking for volunteers to work as site wardens at Houghton. Click here for details.

Rain stops play!

Having taken delivery of Molly at the end of last week we were all ready for our first trip today, but then the great British weather got the better of us.

OK, we are obviously fair weather motorhomers but conditions at our intended site were reported as very wet so we decided this wasn't the best way to trial our new purchase!

So, instead of being at an idyllic river side site nestling beside an old watermill, here she is all dressed up and no where to go stuck in her secure storage!

Practical Motorhome Release New Guide

Practical Motorhome have released their new top 100 sites guide. Check it out here.

Motorhome Accessories

With the weather currently less than tropical, it may seem an odd time to be talking of motorhome accessories, but with Spring only weeks away we are keen to get ourselves organised for our summer adventures. 

Having just bought our new motorhome (see earlier posts) here is a list of the accessories we reckon are the basic essentials for you to have:

  • Mains electric hook-up lead (if not supplied with the motorhome)
  • UK mains adapter (and EU if you are planning on trips around Europe)
  • Levelling ramps
  • Level aid
  • Anti-slip grip track
  • Toilet chemical and rinse
  • Toilet seal lubricant
  • Tank cleaner
  • Tank freshener
  • Water purification tabs (such as Puriclean)
  • Bio-degradable toilet paper (such as Aquasoft)
  • Fresh water fill up hose
  • Gas hose and spanner
  • Gas bottles (x2)
  • Fire blanket
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Steering wheel clamp

If your motorhome doesn't already have them, you must fit a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.

If your motorhome doesn't already have them, GPS trackers and A Thatcham Cat 1 alarm are also must to haves.

Getting Ready for Spring

See our latest article on getting ready for Spring <here>

New for 2018

New for 2018 is our Site Review feature where we will publish reviews of all the sites we personally visit during the year.

To get the page started, we have uploaded two reviews conducted last year.


Meet Molly .....

Meet Molly, our new Majestic motorhome!  The one on the right! 

After her delivery from Durham to our local Marquis dealer, we finally got to see her for the first time yesterday - and she didn't disappoint.  All the research done over the previous 14 months has paid off as she met all our expectations!

Because we cannot get a space at our local CaSSOA site until early April, we will not take delivery of her until the end of March.  Our local site, Summerhouse Farm, has a gold rating which helps in keeping the insurance costs down - a bit.

Insurance is a bit of a minefield, with quotes for new time owners like ourselves ranging from £260 to £640 - so we didn't go with either the cheapest or the most expensive but with on of those in the middle - which just happened to be the company recommended by our dealer.  We purchased the vehicle from Marquis at Northampton and their service thus far has been very good.

For the techies amongst you here are Molly's vital statistics!

Model:  Elddis Majestic 255

Engine: Peugeot 2.0 L 160 B.H.P

Year: 2018

Length: 7.4 m

Width: 2.3 m

Height: 2.8 m

Gearbox: Manual

Layout:  Fixed Bed

Berths: 4 (with 4 belts)

Conversion Type: Low Profile

Max Weight: 3500 kg (normal driving licence applies)

Payload: 422 kgs

Fuel: Turbo Diesel

She comes complete with GPS Tracker Retrieve, reversing camera, Autowatch Thatcham Cat 1 alarm, plus a factory fitted immobiliser.

Can't wait to get her on the road in April!


Job Done - In 24 hours!

Well, we have bought our first motorhome!

We sent out our emails to three local dealers but that drew a blank - none had the 255 we wanted.  However, an early morning trawl of the Internet reaped huge rewards as we found one with exactly what we were looking for at a very fair price.

We have bought an Elddis Majestic 255 which is the model we wanted, but with the added bonus of all that Marquis add to the 255 to create their custom marque.

Its a 2018 model, complete with all the spec you would expect from a motorhome today, such as solar panel, GPS tracking, and reversing cameras.  With the Majestic brand you also get 30 more b.h.p. with the Peugeot engine, alloy wheels, and a sun awning.

We had no idea we would find what we were looking for but the fact we knew exactly what we wanted helped! In other words, all the research paid off - see our article 'Try Before You Buy'.

So we will be hitting the road for our first trip just after Easter, which is exactly when we said we would when we started the research process just over a year ago. No one can accuse us of being reckless!

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