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Job Done - In 24 hours!

Well, we have bought our first motorhome!

We sent out our emails to three local dealers but that drew a blank - none had the 255 we wanted.  However, an early morning trawl of the Internet reaped huge rewards as we found one with exactly what we were looking for at a very fair price.

We have bought an Elddis Majestic 255 which is the model we wanted, but with the added bonus of all that Marquis add to the 255 to create their custom marque.

Its a 2018 model, complete with all the spec you would expect from a motorhome today, such as solar panel, GPS tracking, and reversing cameras.  With the Majestic brand you also get 30 more b.h.p. with the Peugeot engine, alloy wheels, and a sun awning.

We had no idea we would find what we were looking for but the fact we knew exactly what we wanted helped! In other words, all the research paid off - see our article 'Try Before You Buy'.

So we will be hitting the road for our first trip just after Easter, which is exactly when we said we would when we started the research process just over a year ago. No one can accuse us of being reckless!

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